Fast, Easy and no fees

Sell your home today!

Fast Competitive Offers


We have curated a team of eager real estate investors looking to purchase properties like yours Fast and without commissions. Our business model is based on high volume and lean margins with a goal of giving every seller the best possible offer. 

No Showings , No Repairs


It can take a lot of work and money to get a home ready to sell.   

Avoid disrupting your life with inconvenient open houses, strangers in your home, cleaning, staging, painting or any of the other many tasks to get your home market-ready!  

Extended Stay After Closing


Extended stay option! No need to move twice if things come up!  Your new homes closing was delayed? Construction not completed? 

No Problem! 

We will give you an additional 5 days to move to your new home when it's ready.

Pick Your Closing Date


Can't close until your new home is ready...No problem!

Pick your own settlement date our sell now system was built to give you the flexibility to adjust the closing date when needed! 

Skip the Costs


Avoid the costs! Sellers are often asked to pay concessions to offset buyer closing costs which can add up to thousands. With Boxlty's sell now you won't need to carry two mortgages either especially when you have a guaranteed sale. 

Gauranteed Closings


With a traditional sale, buyers can wiggle out of a deal because their sale fell through, inspection issues or they couldn’t get financing because the appraisal came in too low. 

Our pre-selected investors are required to pay cash so you don’t have to worry about last-minute issues.