In 2016, homeowners like you paid over $75 billion in real estate commissions.

The Boxlty Difference


What do you get with the tradional 6-7% Commision?

Low tech, Old branding, High Fees? 

Using the same tools from 1999? 

Sale-sy, pushy, Outdated business processes?

The average 6% commission in Central PA is $13,000..Ouch! No wonder there are so many for sale by owners in York pa.

We hate being pushed around in a transaction and we won't do it to you. Real estate transactions are manual, laborious and complex despite huge advances in technology.  When you buy or sell with Boxlty, we put you in the driver's seat. You can communicate with our staff, receive updates, manage showings, accept offers, ask home owners questions about their homes, and much more. Of course, phone calls, email and text still work great too. 


Boxlty has changed the game forever

When we built boxlty we listened and our customers wanted 

  • Updated technology
  • Better visible branding
  • Seasoned, Experienced Agents
  • Lower cost services
  • Guarantee your services

Our clients save an average of $6,300 on the sale of their home.  Traditional agents charge an average of 6% commission on the sale price of your home. We deliver the same or better level of service for as low as 1.5%, keeping thousands of dollars in your pockets and have performance based guarantees. 


Not one person does it all

Consider this, in an efficient doctor’s office wil have at least a receptionist, office manager, nurse, and the doctor. Patients don’t want their doctor feilding calls, filling out forms, drawing blood, and ordering supplies. Think of your Boxlty agent like your doctor. You may be supported by other experts at times, but your dedicated agent negotiates, advises, and does “doctor-level" work. 

Extraordinary, full-service Realtors. Boxlty agents will guide you during every step of your transaction, ensuring that you have a thorough understanding of the facts and are well equipped to make the best decisions. Our customers love what we do for them and even more what we save them!


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We'll come out to your home, show you comparables and tell what we think you can get for it in a no pressure way.

We love our customers, so feel free to call if you want to chat with a human.


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