Sell your investment property fast

 We have curated a team of eager real estate investors to our program who have purchased hundreds of homes with millions of dollars available to purchase properties like yours Fast with No listing, showings, staging or stress and without commissions. 

Our business model is based on high volume and lean margins with a goal of giving every investment property owner the best possible offer.  

Cashflow, repairs, tenants...We get it

Fast Closing

We will make you an offer within 48 hours of viewing the property. Our average closing for landlords is between 20 to 45 days depending on your situation.

Don't Fix a Thing

No need to get the property ready for us. We will make you an as-is offer on your property. If you agree to the offer you won't need to do a thing except show up at closing to get your check.

Competitive Offers

Your not giving it away! We know you put time and effort to make your rental work. Our offers are competitive and since there are no commissions involved most of our landlords make out better than a traditional sale.

Easy Turn Over

No leases? Currently in court for evictions? No problem we are experts in handling investment hand overs. We will even contact the tenants for you and handle the process with them directly.

Hassle Free

We handle it all! Paperwork, title, closing, insurance, tenant management and all the details in between...We're good at what we do.

It just makes sense

 You don't need to stress over the legalities of how to evict tenants living in your current rental property. You’re able to sell to our investment team without evicting tenants. Rid yourself of bad tenants and costly property management fees in a quick, easy sale. Our investors buy homes as-is, even those in poor condition.

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